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TV 2015
Or however they figure out what season it is. If we were talking cars, it'd be the 2015 model year, and the TV season starts roughly the same time, so why not?

I'm starting to wonder why we have cable, i really don't use it except to put on reruns for noise. Rest of the time i use streaming, and such.

So, what have we been watching?

Lets see, i was planning on watching Gotham, but keep forgetting to turn it on. Also seems to be having some issues with something in my browser, clicking on Gotham gets me Family Guy, and when i can get to Gotham's page, i can't get the videos to work. Oh well, maybe another day.

Then there's Doctor Who, the season premier had its moments, but i was rather underwhelmed. I might find a legitimate source to watch it online, or if necessary bootleg it if i get motivated.

Scorpian, god what a train wreck that was. Seriously, the pilot was bad enough that i was jumping between it and reruns, and finally gave up when they decided to use an ethernet cable to plug into a plane flying overhead. That's it, done with it, it'l be replaced by midseason. Oh, and has been having fun with it since its supposedly based on the life of the executive producer or whatever his title is.

CSI, now this has been fun. I do wish they hadn't screwed us on NY and Miami. Its not like i had much love for Miami, but around the third season the producers in a TV Guide interview said that they had an explanation for us, and they would share it when it was time to wrap up the show. Then CBS cancelled it over the summer, so we never got the revelation. I wish they'd given to us in another media, maybe a comicbook like Jericho. And NY, killed off because it was getting too old. Seriously, that was the youngest. Oh well, at least they've got the original humming good now, Ted Danson has really gotten the show going right though, he's been a great addition. Plus other changes like giving Eckley a bigger part have helped. I do miss Brass though, and sadly he won't be coming back, even though he hasn't really been written off. I also like the arc this season, in the first episode it seemed like a simple twin brothers on a killing spree story. Then they had fun with it, bringing in two cops from Seattle where the original case happened, and wrapping it up with DNA evidence that didn't match any of them. Assuming they're not thinking we're not smart enough to consider familial DNA which the show has used in the past, that eliminates other family members, so its a real question. As things are going,
Finn has gone on vacation to Seattle to paw through adoption records in search of a clue. This one will take most of the season, and it looks like its going to be very interesting.

NCIS is still humming along. Somehow it just works, i can't say why this is my favorite show, but it is. I'll give the writers credit, usually you start a season with part 2 of some big thrilling season ender, but not this year. Instead they did a one part starting from scratch mining the mythology which is prollly part of the reason i like it so much. Not much to say about this, still a great show, the one i'd choose if i had to pick one show.
NCIS: LA is alright, never really felt like an NCIS show, but its good, solid cast, decent writing. Like CSI some tweaks to the cast have gone well, especially moving Owen Granger over from the original and giving him a much larger part. While i hated the character there, he's become one of the best parts here.
NCIS: NOLA (hey, that's the way i would've done it). Good, has promise, but i suspect it won't last. Unlike :LA, this show is built on the same mold as the original, which is a bit of a problem. Good cast, but how do you avoid doing the same story with just the names and background changed? Weak writing, or lack of faith by CBS shows in the fact that two out of three episodes have guest starred a member of the original. This doesn't bode well for the show.

Criminal Minds is still going, still good, interesting. I think i read somewhere that Penelope is leaving, and the last episode hinted at the changes with the team working without her, and her dealing with issues related to a previous episode. It'll definitely change the show, and might even kill it. While the core cast has stayed the same, there's always been a member of the team that hasn't lasted, and the core crew has been what keeps the show going. Losing one of them will change the dynamic, and might just kill it which would be a shame.

Lets see, i think that's all i'm watching right now, its another weak season. CSI: Cyber is coming, which had its back door pilot last season. Not bad, but its a CSI show in name only, which could be good, it'll be very different from the rest of the franchise. Still, it needs a better name.

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I've been enjoying Gotham quite a bit, so I'd definitely say try to catch it if you can. :)

as I mentioned this morning, thinking of going back to Internet only.
(accidentally replied to mooncats comment)

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