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Moving... or rather moved
My LJ, not my were and I. If you suddenly got friended by Taur10, that's just Vex... Well, me, Vex is just one of my characters/aspects, specifically my taur self.

Why not just a name change?
Well, the minor reason is the price, but the other reason is this is an old journal, with a lot of friends who don't post any more, and in need of a remodel. With that in mind, I figure we'll just build from scratch. We might spring for a paid account, if I read that right, its a mere $20, and you get a fair number of things for that money. I might not use any of the extras, but at that price, its nice to have the option. But, we'll see, this is just one of many large projects, some required, some not, going on at the moment.
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Will you continue to post here?


Prolly not, but I might come wandering by. I'd say link to the other one, and unless your worried about too many friends in your friends list, just let this one lay in case I pop up over here.

I've spent a lot of time away from LJ, just recently getting back into using it. I'm kinda' in the same boat where it seems that a LOT of people that I follow are gone or worse, just their tweets are posting from back when that was a fad. LOL
Good luck in your endeavors. :)

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