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Well, [info]Vik mentioned it already, we're going to get married. I'd already been looking at doing it next year in IL since the courts had removed the first barrier by striking down MO's refusal to recognize out of state licenses. I must say i was suprised that they struck down the ban so soon afterwards. Its not perfect, the AG is challenging it, and the ruling was on marriages performed in the City of St Louis, so its somewhat iffy about the rest of the state. Vik's waiting to hear back from Hazelwood, i suspect there might be a bit of a wait while decisions are made.

That said, it'll likely be a hand fasting because Vik's pagan. Me? I'm a deist, i believe in some of the basics, but i'm not much for organized religion. While these last two months are prolly far too busy and expensive what with T-day, 1st Annual STL FurBowl, mom's b-day and Christmas, it would be fun to do it on winter solstice. Just imagine that the first day of you lives together is on the longest night, things get brighter from there.

When we did our civil union, it was just the two of us and a Justice of the Peace in front of the Bennington Memorial in Bennington, VT in 04 (wow, its been 10 years!!). That was just a Civil Union though, for a wedding i would like a bit more, but not any fancy $$$ wedding, though it'd be nice if some family could make it. It sounds like Vik's family won't, at least not much, and mine's in PA, AL and points east, so they're not very likely either, but we'll see.

Any how, definitely looking forward to this, just going to take some planning and all.


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