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Red Dawn the series
Ok, they're not planning one, at least not as far as i know, but having read an article claiming that a sequel to Goonies, another 80s classic is coming, it got me thinking on this.

In the past i've talked about how i like the movie, while some on IMDB accuse it of rah-rah Americanism, the ending undermines that. And it would easily translate into a sci-fi series, in fact there's two ways to go with it.

The first way would simply be to expand on the movie, after all, it followed one small town in America, but the invasion was a lot larger. That town alone allows a lot more character development, and exploration of the strategic value of that town, i mean why there? And then there's what's happening everywhere, from seeing the attack as it develops, from hispanic communists slipping across the border and taking up positions (news about the flood of illegals coming from Mexico?) to the decision to attack China (600 million screaming Chinamen/ Last i heard there were a billion/WERE) to what it looks like in other parts of the US midsection which is all Russia captures.

The second is to turn the move into a pilot, considering that its only 114 minutes, and the story could be tightened up, it'd easily fit into a two hour or two part pilot. With what we did to China (pre-emptive bombing to protect our western flank), splitting the country (communists captured only the middle) and the after effects, there's plenty for years of stories if you widen the focus beyond just that one little town. If you remember, the movie ends with Erica's voice over essentially telling us that in the end what we watched barely qualifies as a footnote in history, so there's a lot more to see out there. Imagine the changes with China, not likely to become the same economic powerhouse, that'll make for big changes. Then there's the fact that the country got cut in three and Washington DC destroyed, would it even stay one country?

I'd love to see this, i'm a big, big fan of alternate history, the world can turn on such a little thing, something that Sliders explored in its early episodes, something that's very popular in sci-fi.


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