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Welcome to Ubuntu
Yep, done gone and set up an 'buntu box. After backing up my music collection since iTunes on my Mac ate some of my files, i let let it wipe my drive and install itself. Seeing as how its prolly been a year+ since i last used this computer, i figured i wasn't losing anything. Seriously, the malware software was complaining that i hadn't done an update in over 700 days. My main compy right now is an iMac running OS X Maverick/10.9.

So, what's the hardware?
Well, its almost comical, but it is a perfect test bed for my plans, an eMachines D525-2925 that i got years ago (manufactured 09) at a Black Friday sale, $279 with travel bag and travel mouse. In that time, the drive has lost the ability to read DVDs, though it will read CDs, haven't tried to burn any though. Also the battery is shot, and the power supply fried, i'm using a cheap replacement with a plug that doesn't fit the computer quite right. Considering that my next computer is planned to be a mini-ITX 99/4A, i'd say this is the perfect test. The keyboard sucks, but its usable, and the screen is too small. Still, it works surprisingly well for something so old.

So, where are we with Linux?
Well, bit by bit, i tweak it to my liking:

Email = Thunderbird as it came with Ubuntu, and it works well enough
IM = Pidgin, though i'm not a mad fan of it and am still looking for better
Twitter = Choqok for Twitter which is around my second or third client, and looks like a winner
LiveJournal = LogJam, which i like
Web = Firefox, another default, and it works well enough though i do miss Chrome's identities (allows me to be signed into multiple Google and FurAffinity accounts at the same time) and its easy ability to share settings/bookmarks/etc across platforms
Movies = VLC, i've been happily using this on my Mac, mPlayer sure didn't work there, so why change?
Music = Default Rythmbox right now, but i'm iffy on it, i don't like the layout although it seems to work well enough
Torrents = Transmission, another default program, although having used it in the past, i don't see any reason to bother with downloading uTorrent

Other system tweaks are Cairo Dock to give me an OS X like dock, since the built in Launcher falls a touch short on features. Seriously, it it had dividers and the ability to add a couple folders, i would've just stuck with it.

As you can guess, things are going well. Linux is still a bit rougher around the edges than a consumer OS like Mac or Android, but honestly, my grandmother could prolly set up and run this. Its amazing how far Linux has come, some ten or so years ago i tried to set my Mac up as a dual boot with Linux, and might've lasted two days before i gave up on Linux. Now, really easy, mostly polished, you definitely don't need to be a geek to use it. The list of what i don't like or will have to get used to is small. Lets see, have to right click to rename folders (and presumably files) rather than merely click on the name. Doesn't seem to be an equivalent to H (hide) that the Mac has. On a Mac hide makes a programs windows go away, then don't reduce to the dock, they simply disappear, and when you click on the program's icon on the dock, they reappear. for switching between programs is another thing i miss. Outside of that, its all pretty similar to Macs and Windows, both of which i've used in a wide variety of flavors.

So, i'm sure i'll be tweaking this for a bit, but we're mostly set at this point. Still, suggestions and recommendations are welcome. This box won't be my main computer, the keyboard sucks (i use a Unicomp on the Mac), and the screen's too small, but it is a practice run and back up unit.

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Ubuntu is good stuff, I used it as my main OS for a number of years. Its still one of my favorites.  Lately I've been using Mac a lot, but I still love Linux and could see myself going back to it if things sour between myself and Mac OS. It's going to be interesting to see what happens next year, when Ubuntu replaces xorg with mir.  If you're not a gamer, that probably isn't a big deal. But I am, so for me I'm kind of waiting with bated breath.

Yeah, my current box is an iMac. Thing is what i'm moving on to, i got one of these: for $6 at a thrift store. No power supply, TV adaptor or anything, dunno if it even works. I would've preferred a Commodore 64 since that was my first computer, but what can you do? I plan on gutting it and putting one of these in it: which of course gives me three OS choices really, Unix, Android or Windows. I don't want Windows, and Android is still very rough, so that leaves Unix, and a friend recommend Ubuntu.

What exactly is xorg, and how is mir different? I don't game, so it sounds like a non-issue, but i'm curious.

I liked the old Commodore as well, though I actually grew up on an Atari 800XL, (very similar). Honestly if I found that old TI I'd probably just keep it for playing around with. I love old tech. You can put a little motherboard in anything and have a computer. ;)

Problem is that all i got was the TI, no video adaptor, no power supply, just the computer. I actually don't even know if it works. At least with the Commodore the case has the same angle all the way across, so making a bigger hole is easy, the TI though is more complicated.

Ahh yeah, I guess not knowing if it works it wouldn't make a lot of sense to try and get all the stuff to make it go. And yeah, the TI's had that area where the power inverter was that was different shaped. I remember. Well, good luck on the mod, it should be pretty interesting when you get it done. Are you going to set it up so the keyboard works and all? :)

Unfortunately as my later entry shows, we ran into a snag, so i'm shopping for a case again.

Well, at least on that not finding something like a nonfunctional C64 should be pretty easy, and inexpensive. Good luck there. :)

So far no dice, i'd been kinda sorta looking for a while when i found the TI, and surprisingly the Atari 2600 is a collector's item, so it'll take time. Part of the problem is how readily people throw things out when they break. I might actually contact the local Goodwill and see ifn they can hook me up.

That's actually a pretty good idea. I've found a number of good old machines in places like that. A friend of mine even had some luck finding some relatively new stuff. (Like a Zagg keyboard case for his iPad). Never know what's going to be there.

Ubuntu is rather, though I really don't care for the UI - I use gnome cuz I'm olde skool like that :P

Interesting on mir, I'm reading up on that now. Thanks for that tip Xoagray - I hope it doesn't suck...


Dunno what the difference is. I'm stepping from Mac, and have used Windows in the past (95 & 7), so its been feeling good to me, mostly a matter of figuring out minor issues and figuring out what the best programs are.

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